Within the array of studios available to the recording musicians in Philadelphia, one studio stands out as the place for the acoustic pianist. mSOUNd in South Philly: The vibe, the people, the gear, and now the piano.

Most studios have a variety of digital pianos and acoustic instruments from various manufacturers. Although we have our own collection ofsynthesized and sampled sounds, we also have the apex of pianos…

Our Steinway Model L Grand Piano has the tone and touch demanded by recording pianists worldwide. Situated in a large well-designed live room and recording with state of the art microphones and preamps, you receive a sound only previously available for three times the cost.

mSOUNd brings great experienced engineering, personal understanding of your needs as a recording pianist, and the comfort of knowing that your high quality recording will compare with the best commercial recordings of all time.


Kevin is on the board of directors for the Steinway Society of South Jersey and is responsible for the live recordings of the performances. For more details about the Steinway Society of South Jersey, please visit their web site at