Studio A Live Room


Accompanying Studio A’s control room is our spacious live room. It is approximately 19×19 feet with a 12 foot ceiling. The hardwood floor gives the room a very natural ambience. This room contains a large array of instruments available to our clients for use. From our vintage to modern amp collection, the Steinway Grand Piano, the 6 piece DW drum kit, the Fender Rhodes, and tons of percussion stuff, we have everything you would need for either recording, practicing, or working out parts for your project. we even have a theremin…In addition to the spacious live room, we’ve recently added 2 brand new iso booths. so now tracking drums and piano simultaneously, or almost any other live band situation, is now possible. (pics coming soon…)



  • Budda Super Drive 30
  • Orange Thunderverb 50 with 2×12 Cabinet (Closed Back)
  • Marshall JCM900 Combo Amp
  • Fender Super Reverb (vintage)
  • Fender Champ (Vintage Silverface)
  • Fender Champ 500
  • Ampeg VT40 (Vintage)
  • Ampeg J20
  • Ampeg B18 (Vintage)
  • Leslie Solid State 330 (Vintage)

Pianos and Keyboards

  • Steinway Model L Grand Piano
  • Rhodes Mark I Electric Stage Piano (vintage)


  • DW 6 pc Maple Kit with Hardware (10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 22”,14” Snare)

Guitars and Basses

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Gibson Firebird
  • Gibson SG (’72 with Bigsby)
  • Gibson S1
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Gibson J100 Plus Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin D15 Acoustic Guitar
  • Fender ’72 Jazz Bass Reissue (Geddy Lee)