Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
Initially as a composer, Kevin focused on pop songwriting buteventually became disillusioned with the elementary style of suchcompositional work. To explore more complex domains of music, he enrolled at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He majored in composition and continued piano studies under concert pianist Annette Dimedio, ph.d. During his senior year, he attended a seminar at the Curtis Institute of Music given by John Corigliano, two-timeGrammy and Oscar award winner for Best Film Score. Subsequently,Corigliano asked Kevin to study privately with him. While studying with Corigliano, Kevin pursued a Masters Degree at the City University of New York. After opening mSOUNd in 1999, Kevin has produced and recorded numerous artists and bands and has beenthe re-recording mixer, foley sound editor and sound sweetener on over 100 film projects. Kevin’s clients are well-served because of his musical education and experience, and his ability to interpret their needs and engineer their project from start to finish.
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  • Standing In The Shadows Of Motown, DVD Special Features, Supplemental Music
  • The Underdogs, Jim Mickle (Director), Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Arianna’s Oak Tree, Michael Masny, Maurice Piergrossi (Director),Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Biff Whitman Vs. The Space Vixens From Space, (Maxwell Atom’s first animation) (Director), Film Score, Assistant Re-Recording Mixer
  • Imagicnation, Jose Velazquez (Director), Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Popcorn, Jeremy Wechter (Director), Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Master Shot, Edoardo Amanti (Director), Film Score, Re-RecordingMixer, Sound Design
  • A Gift From Time, Rachel Ellner (Director), Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Two Pieces, Gil Gruenberg (Director), Film Score, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
  • Five Interstitials for PBS
  • Womens United Soccer League, Supplemental Theme Music


  • Dime Street Joker, “Dime Street Joker” 2010 Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon, “Vuela” 2008 Recording/Mastering Engineer
  • Chris Nuhfer, “Nuhf” 2007 Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Danny Beissel, “Danny Beissel” 2002 Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Kevin Roth, “Live, Love, and Learn” 2002 Recording/Mix Engineer

Awards and Nomination

  • The Underdogs, Best Film Score at the NYU First Run Film Festival 2003
  • Arianna’s Oak Tree, Silver Certificate Award at the Atlantic City Film Festival
  • Mortality, First Place New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival
  • First Place WHYY Television Independent Annual Film Competition in Philadelphia, PA