Domenic Prinzivalli
Domenic is a self-taught musician whose love for music began ondrums, at the age of 6. His interest in recording came after highschool when he borrowed a friend’s guitar and purchased his first 8track recorder. Taking a liking to engineering, Domenic attended theInstitute of Audio Research in Greenwich Village, New York City.Following his studies at IAR, he interned at the legendary Studio 4Recording in Conshohocken, PA. In 2004, Domenic opened RedEyeRecording, producing and engineering local bands and solo artists.As of October 2008, he has partnered up with mSOUNd and has made it his new home.



  • Mother Dynamite- “The Raging Plough” 2011, Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Tsunami Rising- “Didn’t Rome Do This?” (Single) 2010, Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Last Hour Battle- “Fairy Tale Contender” 2010, Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Exit 4- “Castaway” (Single) 2009, Co-Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Last Hour Battle- “EP” 2009, Mix Engineer
  • Tsunami Rising- “The Exploration For An Explanation” 2007, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Mother Dynamite- “Mother Dynamite” 2006, Co-Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer
  • Tsunami Rising- “All You Need You Have Inside” 2005, Mix Engineer,Vocal and Percussion Recording Engineer
  • Keith Randall- “Keith Randall” tba, Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer